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How to systematically generate exclusive leads each month with people who are actively searching for a financial advisor in your local area
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Done-for-you lead generation system designed to give you 40+ high quality leads every month of people who are looking for retirement planning help in your local area
In this video, you will learn:

1. How to only target people locally who are actually looking for your services right now

2. How to generate leads that are exclusive to you and not shared with other financial advisors

3. How using our system can generate over 40+ high quality financial advisor leads for you every month
Frequently Asked Questions
What do you classify as a "lead"?
We classify a lead as someone who actually gives you their contact information and wants to speak to you and learn more about how you can help them. We do NOT classify a lead as just someone's name on a list.
What information does the lead fill in?
We ask for their name, email and phone number. We also pre-qualify the lead by targeting people who are actively searching for a financial advisor and the services you offer before we target them.
What makes this different to other lead generation services?
1. Our leads are exclusive to you and not shared with any other advisors
2. We only work with one financial advisor exlcusively in each area
3. We have data on people who are searching for a financial advisor in real-time
4. We only target people who are looking for your services
5. We automate the follow up process so after generating a lead you don't have to spend hours chasing the clients
Which channels do you use to generate leads?
We use our own data to target people and upload this data to Facebook. Facebook matches are data with users on their platform and we show these people relevant ads. People then fill in a form to learn more and that's when we generate the lead.
Is this a long-term committment type of thing?
Nope. If for any reason you're not getting any value from our services, you can cancel at any time. We do this because we are confident you'll get value and results every single month, and as long as we do what we promise, there's no reason for you to cancel.
What kind of leads will I generate?
Leads are people who are looking for help with retirement planning. We don't focus on any specific products. The lead is expecting to be educated and guided by you as to what products / services will be the best solution for their specific situationĀ 
How long will it take to see results?
You'll start seeing results within the first week. We can get results faster than anyone else because we have already spent thousands of dollars testing different ads, landing pages, offers etc to see what works best. You're getting a proven battle-tested system from day one.
How much does this cost?
Price varies depending on how many leads you purchase each month but on average right now you're looking at paying $120 per lead (which includes our management fee, the data, software, advertising spend and all the technology we use to generate and follow up with the leads on your behalf). The price is also going to keep increasing as we sell more locations. So the sooner you sign up, the lower the price you'll pay for leads.
How do I know if my location is still available?
We only work with one financial advisor exclusively per area. When you schedule a call with us we will let you know if your location is still available. If it is, then great! And if not, then we will put you on a waiting list in case anything changes in the future.
Do I have to spend hours following up with leads every day?
Nope. We use software that automatically follows up with your leads (via text and email) on your behalf until you get a response.
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